I'm Aza Enigma - Author, Advocate, Blogger, and Freelance Writer.

I've been writing personally and professionally for over 20 years - experimenting with genres, styles, and a variety of visually appealing formats that are also informative, educational, and accurate. I can improve SEO, clean up mistakes, and update language to keep content modern and useful as well as inclusive and thoughtful.

Keen on: spelling/grammar/punctuation as well as completing projects on time

Writing Niches: Self-Help/Hacks/Sexuality/ Adult Content in general and more niches are available with prior consultation

Particular about: Inclusion, Diversity, LGBTQIA+, Educational/Informational/Uplifting content

Edits/Updates start at 8 cents per word USD / New Content starts at 12 cents per word USD

Personal Work Samples

Explore examples of my personal works including personal blog articles, workbook samples, business resource copywriting, and more. 

Remember, this is only a small sampling of my total work - you can always ask for additional examples - so long as they aren't protected by NDA. Enjoy - and please contact me for more information at azarathiasalternatives@zoho.com. 

Watermelon Ice Cannabis Strain Review

Whenever possible, Canna and Kink will include the cannabinoid levels and terpene types for each cannabis strain we post reviews about. Not all providers offer this information – though we hope to see this standard change and hope to provide updates as time progresses. Today, we are reviewing Watermelon Ice, an Indica dominant cannabis strain. This bud comes to us in a bright green leafy and looser type of build. For being a strain with a fruity name though, the scent leans more towards a menth

Extra Work at Home

I thought I might compile a bit of a list of all the various online work I’ve tried out over the years. There are a lot of decent online jobs and many are fairly relaxed about who they hire (no worries fellow felons) – some are even easy ways of building your very own business where YOU get to be the boss. Well, there you have it, a good place to start for working from home! And this is really just a small sample of what is available out there on these wide webs.

Improving Your Resume (Felon Friendly Tips and Tricks)

I’ve been working on a new Gig lately, and while I can’t get into a lot of detail – I can say I’ve been learning a lot about the hiring process from the hiring manager’s perspective. It’s also reminded me of some of the resume struggles I had to overcome to up my game with interviews as a felon and that nasty, aggravating little note on my background. So, in true fashion as the Friendly Felon, I want to share some of those tips that I’ve been learning (and some I’ve practiced myself) to help my

Misinformation is Abundant

Hey Readers! I’ve been scrolling through the Twitter feeds and Facebook groups, and I have been shocked by the amount of misinformation about felons that has been spread. There’s a few things in particular that I’d like to clear up now. Voting: In many states, so long as you’ve completed your sentence fully (lock up and supervision included), you can register to vote again and have your voice heard. Firearms: In many cases, non-violent felons can regain access to firearms – again, once comple

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"I've never met an obstacle I couldn't overcome through the application of unwavering determination and relentless effort."

Aza Enigma